Mauvic will work closely with the local communities to establish programs to assist with education, employment, medical and housing. Future development will also include accommodation facilities that will be available for holiday makers to the area.


Mauvic will work closely with credible and independent agencies to ensure its company constitution is established to provide the necessary support and funding for local projects and communities.


The Holder Farm Project, this would be established to support those people not directly fortunate to work in our major projects, this would enable local farmers to become self-sustainable in all areas of their lives, our team will consult in farming experts and business consultants who would be available at any time to assist and support the local farmers.


The Leadership Program will create a model of village leaders in Mau that will lead to improvement in village living, this program can then be replicated to villages all over Fiji.

The project funding will be provided to allow all projects to commence in 2014, with the intention of the program for the community to be self-sufficient and the initial projects completed over a five-year period. The majority of the funds will be provided from local mining and commercial businesses.


Funding would be used to set up a much needed Maternal Child Health Clinic and improve women’s and infant’s health. Mauvic will establish a trust fund that will provide training, support and medical costs for the local people.


The total refurbishment of the Mau primary school to allow for the installation of computers and creating a model for village schools in the area, then replicating if to other primary schools in the province. Scholarships to further education primary, secondary and university level in both Fiji and Internationally, scholarships for both academic and sporting will be offered.

Mentoring programs which will entail International Student Exchange Programs to help create the Fijian Leaders of tomorrow, rewarding students during their school years to allow them to grow. This program would far better recognition than the existing year 12 school report system and certainly lead to scholarships across many subjects.


Improving transport in areas that have limited availability due to the isolation on where they are situated, this will create opportunities for the tribe members and locals to improve business dealings, access mentoring, education and engage with community groups more frequently.

Improve the Sport and Recreation facilities for all ages that will also create employment opportunities and improve unity among the community.

Improve the current water supply to maintain clean water, create dams that will improve cash crops as well as commercial fishing and aquaculture.


The Housing Program would be established to improve existing dwellings, as well as creating affordable housing in the form of kit homes, these kit homes will be set up in some 10 villages and will support widows and single parents.

Priority would be given to those with young children and in remote locations. Storage facilities would be set up for easy access to building equipment, machinery and tools. The Housing Program will include the availability of qualified tradesman to support and train others.